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Sometimes it takes a while to finally get around to doing things...well I have done it! Im not sure how to link this to a blog I did, 'Sleep deprived Junker,' but this is the result .After many layers of stain, paint etc removed, and sanding, I gave it 3 coats of cream / ivory, and distressed it. Im happy with it, more happy that it is done, and I will be even more happy when someone buys it!!It is listed for tonite. Too wet to paint anymore today, but hopefully I will have more to list on ebay Sunday night.

I can see the gate at the end of the verandah now, Im slowly making progress!
Today, is the Apec public holiday in Sydney, stopping at the base of the mountains, how rude! Can I just tell you how frantic everyone up here was today?? It's like someone has called out on a loud speaker," Ok, you can come up here, everything is open!"
The amount of people, cars, lack of space, cues, it was incredible...So did anyone go and visit my fav shops?
It reminded me of England, I was over there a few years ago. You knew when there was a public holiday, or long weekend.The roads would be backed up for hours with caravans and trailers!Again, it was like someone had made an announcement, and all of a sudden they were there .In fact, I think the extra day they had, they spent in traffic!! Funny to watch!!


  1. very pretty shame im not closer i would buy that for sure

  2. Hi! Ha I laughed when you said it's like someone made an announcement! It's like when you have a couple of public holidays around Easter and people go frantic at the shops. It's like people can't survive, or the world is going to end because they have a few days without shops!! I always think its ridiculous.
    Katrina :)
    PS. I love all your goodies lately! You must be busy painting and sanding.

  3. hee hee yes people are crazy arent they. Stupid public holiday anyway, what a joke.
    I love what you did with the dresser, i have one sitting in my hallway that Shane keeps walking into LOL, i'll get to it soon....i hope :)


  4. LOL i agree with you friday went to visit my mum at katoomba 1 and a half hours later no joke and with alex talking the whole time.I think all of sydney was on the road.Already found frou frou love it have already bought a black dolly there shann will adore her.The owners mum served she said are yoyu taking that doll or just bonding with her and i said oh no shes all mine.

  5. hi, thank you for stopping by. the drawers look great, I hope it sells well and fast! The painting is hard when the rain wont stop!


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