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Last post for 2007!

Well this week has flown, what with christmas lunches, chit-chat, and laughs, it has been just great!! I havent gotten much work done, but I feel like Ive put on 5 kgs!

I suppose it is comes with the festive season, eating, drinking, sitting around....oh life doesnt get much better!

I had a great lunch on Thursday with some well known bloggers, Shannon (paintminepink), Julie (Julesworld), and Coll (Collsgarden). A delight to be with, boy they can talk!! They have all been very good to me, buying things from my ebay store,so thanks girls, you have been helping to put food on the table!!

Sadly my father is in hospital with a bug, he will hopefully be released Xmas eve evening. He will probably feel a bit weak for a few days, no rich chrissy food or drinks for him! So Christmas Day is having a new venue for us, no longer my home, as it is too far for my parents to travel, now it is at my sister's down the coast.....

If anyone has been reading my blogs, you will know the build up to this day has been huge for me, as it has meant weeks, days, and many hours, of cleaning, packing and storing, and of course decorating on my verandah to make it possible for a festive day with 20 family members!

Im just pleased my dad will be out for the big day, it doesnt matter where, as long as we all get together.

My eldest daughter has taken advantage of this, and had a party last nite with her friends, christening the verandah we havent see for 18 months!
So I thought Id share some embarrassing photos of our wonderful verandah which we havent been able to use, not really sure why!!

Here are the before photos, yeh I know, unbelievable!! Who would have thought that it could look like this!

And now, to show you the 'just about' cleared space we found....these were taken today, after the big party, I just cleared it, and hosed! It survived to thankfully show the pictures!There are a few things I just couldnt fit anywhere, so they are disguised with fabric, can you tell? A few people have asked where I have put all the 'Junk' that was here, I dare not open the shed down the back, or my studio!!

Toby and I, and my family, would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, with plenty of laughter, joy, and pressies! And here is to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. I hope everyones wishes and New Years resolutions come true, see you in 08!! Xxxxxxx

He is a bit partied out in this photo, he ate so much, drank so much, and didnt get a wink of sleep, no one did!!! I had to give him a bath, he stunk of beer!
P.S. I am making my xmas hat tomorrow, nothing like leaving it till the last minute! So I will post it then, toodles!


  1. Hi Sue, sad to hear about your Dad not well, but good news that he will be out for Xmas!

    Your verandah looks great! I love the before and after photos. Big job but you did it!! I love the ladder over the table :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Sue, I read on Shannon's and Coll's blog about your lunch. What fun.
    Hope your dad gets to come out of hospital for Christmas day. Well, even though the venue has changed for christmas day the bonus is that you cleaned off your verandah. Sometimes it takes having an event like that to make us clear away our goodies.
    Have a wonderful time with the family on Christmas day.

  3. Merry Christmas Sue to you and your family. Your veranda looks fabulous! Hugs, Peta

  4. Hi Sues, sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope all goes well for him & that you all have a wonderful family day. Hope your hat turned out ok. Poor Toby looks like he is over Christmas already!
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  5. Oh sue after all that planning ,still like me without the threat of visitors it would remain in the before pic.It looks fabuloso.Glad your dad was okay and yes as long as you are all together.


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