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Found treasures....

Some snippets of my favourite golden books!

With my studio cleanup still going strong, it is feeling a bit like Christmas again!

I came across these gorgeous books I had forgotten. I bought them from a garage sale a couple of years ago, with the intention of selling them, so they were quickly whisked away without even an attachment sparking...till now!

After flicking through them, to get ready to list on ebay, all these childhood memories came flooding back, and I was just loving the colourful pictures, and the stories, oh,I wish I was a kid again!

Surely I cant part with these now....or can I?

Does anyone else own this collection, I only had the little books, about 20 of them! I hadnt seen them like this before.

So after a cup of tea, and a walk down memory lane, I felt I should get back to work, and finished off this little cutie.This table had new / old legs replaced, and vintage trimmings to complete! I will list it in my store tonite.


  1. Hi! Great little books. I have never seen them like that before either. What treasures!

  2. I love junk as well! Love your blog!


  3. Hey Dory (hee hee), love the banner & all the Easter cuties. The books on your last post are cute too, I think I gave all mine to my girls, so the grandkids could have them.
    Hugs, Coll :-}


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