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They do love me...

Just when I think Ive been forgotten, and the phone doesnt ring, and the door isnt knockin'....

Im bombarded with friends from all directions, asking me out to play!! Well in this case, 3 friends!Two of them called at an early hour on Saturday to go 'junkin' , so of course I obliged. The third friend was Sue, who came up in the afternoon for an overnight visit!

The weather was perfect, so I ignored the messy indoors, and enjoyed the beautiful warm sun, while it was there!

It is always so much fun doing the junk run with my friends Jenni and Wayne, we have alot of laughs, and it isnt long before the car is overflowing, so we have to do a drop off to fit more in! We tend to like different things, though I still regret grabbing the stone birdbath before Jen did, we almost broke out into a brawl! I saw a different side to Jen I hadnt seen before! Wayne is so patient, and only on the odd occasion does he start coughing, the signal it is time to go. I think he spent most of the time moving the car as we walked, which was nice for us!

Then sadly the day ended, and Sue had to pick me up, and drag me home, not before revisiting 'Frou Frou's', in Springwood, for one last buy of the day!

Sue, the avid gardener, had already been to the nursery she visits every time she comes up the mountains , I think that's the real reason she comes up here! We finished the day with a couple of bottles of wine, dinner, and chitchat, and collapsed at 9.30pm!

Sunday, was so sunny, after I made Sue work in the garden, and fill a wheelbarrow with lots of seedings, we visited Glenbrook nursery, then had a delicious lunch, before she had the long drive home.

So today has been like an early Christmas, going through all the bargains, and the musthaves, and all the things Sue brought up for me...she says she doesnt have room for, she is so disciplined!!

Ahhh... now back to work, till next weekend!!



  2. Friends that junk together are the best! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Too bad you didn't end up with the birdbath. The next time you two want the same thing it will be your turn to win.
    Blessings, Mandy

  3. Hi, Sorry I haven't been over to say hello in so long!

    Looks like you had a great day. Nothing better than a good day of chit-chat!

  4. Love that old bin in the top picture! What a great find.


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