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The best medicine....

Whilst preparing for 'the sale', I could feel a cold coming on, but focused on finishing things and setting up, ignoring all the while, the fact that I couldnt swallow, and my head was spinning!

The day of the sale, I faked it, and still chose to ignore the fact that I was high on cold and flu tablets, cough lollies, and aching from head to toe! At 1pm, I packed up, had a bath, and went to bed! That day was a blur!

That was Saturday, today is Thursday, and I can finally say Im almost presentable! Wow the flu really knocked me over.....

Thankfully, a wonderful surprise came from the U.S ! I ordered these last November, mmmm, not sure why they took so long, but it was such good timing. I have flicked through them numerous times and not comprehended anything, but today, I will! They have really been the best medicine.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to my daily routine of painting, creating, and junking, oh, and the housework!


  1. So.... how did the sale go???
    Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

  2. Glad that you are feeling better

  3. is never as fun to junk we we are the pretties. hope the sale went okay.
    btw...your blog header is fantastic!!!!
    take care


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