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Playing in the dirt!

This time of year is so pretty , the colours are brighter, and my garden still flowers!

Ive been playing in the dirt, and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine on these beautiful Autumn days!
Id been thinking of making a vege garden, and have been following the sun at different times of the day, to find the perfect spot. I know, I have so much time on my hands, I sit and watch the sun all day! So anyway, now I have lettuces, cabbage, broccoli, snowpeas, some herbs, and Im planting carrots soon.Watch this space, hopefully in 8-10 weeks, I'll have plenty of veges to eat!


  1. Hi Sue! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yes, I will definitely ship anywhere. :)

    I hope you had a nice Mother's Day. A seafood feast sounds so good! I'm cooking up some shrimp for dinner tonight.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. wow your vegie garden sounds and looks wonderful.Hope mothersday was great.I know what you mean it gets harder and rarer to get them altogether as they get older.


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