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A junkfest, and an old friend revisited!

Ive been anxious to get out junking again, so come along with me....
(click on the photos to enlarge)

To think, I found it all in my backyard!!
Am I embarrassed to show you all this? Well apparently not, it is still all here! Hoping to get some things cleaned up, and into my ebay store and studio before I go away.

As promised.....
And here she is, 'Curvy Lady'...whilst away the past 6 months ,waiting for her makeover, who would have a thought I would find another one just like her, but little! Actually, Sue gave me this one too. So of course I had to get them together, and tizzy them up!

Curvy Lady's little one!


  1. Morning! Love that curvy that an apron that she's wearing, and if so, did you make it? I have a ton of vintage linens that I always thought I'd make something out of. Have least...that would make a great apron. Thanks for joining my followers...WooHoo...I'm up to 11! One of my "lucky" numbers. Have a great day! *elaine*

  2. You and your curvy ladies
    you started me on the dressform addiction last time i visited you.Why was my heart skipping a beat looking at your junk.Im a sick woman and that green dresser top had me reeling !

  3. Hi Sue, oh I think I want to play in your backyard. It is a treasure trove.

  4. You out-junk me any day with all of that awesome metal stuff! You have a great stash. And, I thought I had a lot! :) I just don't have very much metal and I LOVE old metal. I agree with the comment above, I want to play in your backyard too.

    ~ Jennifer

  5. Wow! Your backyard is a junker's dream! Wonderful stuff!

  6. oh sue.....I WANT TO COME JUNK AT YOUR HOUSE. i love it all. if i wasn't married to the move every 2 years man, i would have a HUGE junk area that never got any smaller...heheheh
    thanks for such inspiration. love that blue stove? is that what i saw? yum.

  7. thankyou for all your wonderful comments, now please tell my husband, he just wants to take it all to the tip!Lol

  8. Your backyard junk is AMAZING! Just viewing it was making my heart beat faster. Hope you get everything arranged and have some quality "away" time.



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