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Im a Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer, Junk Artist, Collector, and Daydreamer!
My studio is filled with many old and new, shabby and chic, antique and vintage, one-of-a-kind items....
My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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Busy doing nothing !! And something!!!

Since I moved the furniture around in my office/craft/sewing/storage room, I find I am daydreaming more,sitting at my desk, staring out the window, imagining I had all of my jobs done, ironing, washing, cleaning, grocery shopping,cooking, blah,blah,blah!
 And then there's the jobs that actually earn me some money, painting, sanding, sewing, creating, blah,blah,blah!
 I did manage to get something done!
What else do you do with bed ends, but make chalkboards!


  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  2. I really like the blackboard!! This could be mounted on a wall in a porch or patio!! Great idea!!
    Hugs to You!!

  3. It's really beautiful! Happy daydreaming.

  4. Oh, wow! I'm lovin' it. It's a great idea and you did a smashing job on it!

  5. Hi Sue...Thanks for popping over & leaving a comment on didn't pick a package! Get back to me ASAP. or I'll just put your name in one of the giveback drawings, okay? Don't know which one will fit you best, but I'll try. :o} Happy Saturday night *elaine*

  6. i'm with you on the headboard thing....they make great chalkboards. yours is adorable.
    i go chalkboard paint crazy....especially when i have so many other things to get done. that is when i'm the most creative.
    do they...(chores) ever get done all the way anyway? mine don't
    daydream away....
    enjoy spring...


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