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A feathered friend...

We've had a visitor for the past couple of weeks...
She just appeared at my daughter's work, in a preschool. The chook had a wonderful time, and so did the children!
After three days, they decided they couldnt keep her, and the neighbours didnt know where she came from.
So, Cara came to the rescue, and brought her home.
We have had chickens before, but not so big, and with the pen gone, we had to make up a temporary one. As we soon discovered, Toby likes to chase!!

I have been juggling between locking Toby up, and releasing the chook, and vice-versa, but I just cant do it anymore, she needs a new home.
Today, I took her for an hours drive to my sister-in-law's, and this is now her new home, with lots of company,space, and love!

Her new coop
Mmm, the rooster checking her out!
The hens gossiping about her!
The horses have it pretty good too!
Sally wanting to join us for lunch!
Sally and Charlie, best buddies!

It is such a great place to live, and I know our foster chook will be very happy...

On other news...

I found these fantastic boxes, they were calling me, you know the call dont you??

Do I paint them, or just give them a wash?
Ohh, the things I can stash in these!!

Have a good day :)

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  1. Chook Heaven!!
    ...and I 'LUUURVE' those crates! I'll just slip by quietly and pop them in the back of the car shall I?

  2. Thank you for saving this beautiful bird and giving it a new life. You are a special person.

  3. how sweet that lil hen has a new home and the rooster checking her out w/the other hens gossiping makes me laugh. that is so funny.
    i have a lot of things that call my name...yikes.
    i say the crates look really stylish the way they are, but if you are like i am....i have to paint stuff even when stuff looks good as is!! lol. either way, they are great!
    take care


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