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I'm sorry but.......

I apologise to my readers in advance, I know you have probably seen and heard enough about my buddy Toby, but how could I not resist showing his majesty in all his glory!!

I used to have a Shar-Pei, a rolly dog, who was , lets just say, the naughtiest, self-centred, selfish, egotistical , ignorant dog, I have ever owned! I tried for two years to train her, and tell her who was boss. I even got a dog trainer to my home...He said 'a well trained dog wont care where they sleep, they would be happy to sleep on a garage floor, as long as they know who their master is', yeh right! A few weeks later, feeling a failure and regretful, she went to a new home!

Toby is different, he knows the hand that feeds him, and who gives him the comforts of a well loved family, and home.
Last night, Toby expressed his devotion to sleeping in 'said' comfort....

We very rarely get to sit on this two and a half seater for fear of being barked at and climbed on! There is nothing worse than a sulking Cocker spaniel!

Of course, you can see who the master is here, loud and clear!

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  1. Oh, Sue, I LOVE Toby! He is adorable and he sure can strike a pose (so glad you added the star!) I'm sure he deserves that prime seat, he sounds like a good dog!


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