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The little things...

I thought if I did some cleaning in my creative space, it may help to give my 'junkers block' the boot!!
These gorgeous liliums are a welcome addition, a gift from Sue last weekend.

I did manage to get five minutes to rummage through some linens in an op shop close to work, and found these sweet vintage tablecloths.
I organised and filed paperwork, ready for the end of this financial year.
I displayed more of my collection of hats around, yeh, I have a few...

and I packed up a pile of curtains and fabrics I no longer need, or have the inclination to sell.
Off to my local charity shop they go!
I can now see the floor, and my head feels a bit clearer. The clouds are clearing, and I feel some projects in the works.
My eldest daughter works in a preschool, and when she brought home an old dolls cot in need of some tlc, how could I resist?
Though when I saw it, I loved it as is, but kids dont see the charm in chippy, peely paint.

So I painted it in pink and blue, and the palest green around the top.

I had a couple of cupcake teatowels I sewed together to make a little bed, little being the operative word! It was a bit short, but I dont think the kids minded.I would have liked to have made a pillow and blanket, but ran out of time.

 Apparently it was a hit, and that is all that matters!

Thankyou to all of you for caring and understanding my 'mood' at the moment.

Between work, friends needs, family needs, and general day to day , I think my 'time-out' ticket was long overdue.
Dont worry, Ive still been able to browse your blogs, they are my therapy you know!


  1. i am so with you. i am in limbo land big time, but i'm enjoying some downtime watching t.v., reading here and there, cooking and hanging with my peeps. sometimes a 'MOOD' isn't always a bad thing. it carries us to the next 'THING'.
    glad to see you back. LOVE THE CRIB.
    hang in there.

  2. Sometimes we just have to 'stop' dont we :)
    What a lovely job you did of the little cot!

  3. Must be the time for clearing out our creative spaces. Mine has sleepovers in it from kids/grandkids a few times a week, so there isn't much creating going on in there. Between babysitting grandkids, a husband working from home(arghh..- endless cuppas, snacks and meals), there doesn't seem to be much 'me time' to create. So today I started sorting through and had my piles - bin, op shop, keep. Not too much was kept in the keep pile. My local op shops will make a fortune out of my goodies. Lets hope they can do some good with it all.

  4. There's nothing like clearing and cleaning your creative space to clear the mind. I love taking time out to do that.
    Thank you for all the lovely things you always share with us.
    Take care,
    Mary Lou

  5. No worries is so very hard balancing everything sometimes isn't it. I always find that I go like mad for so long..then have a bit of a break start again!!! Just enjoy your time no matter what it is your doing (even a pile of laundry) I did all day today...oh...and sterilize one of the bathrooms after the toilet overflowwing thanks to one of the kids!!!!! He, He what can we do but laugh some day!!??!!
    Happy day!


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