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Delivery!! Delivery!!

Oh I love it when a truck pulls up out the front, and beeps its horn, and yells out,"Delivery"!!!
It can only mean one thing...Vinnies is here with some goodies!
I pounced on these a couple of weeks ago, and since I dont have a ute anymore, they were happy to deliver them to me.

Like with my home decorating, I visualized(daydreamed), these painted with a contrasting colour inside, or maybe wallpapered??
 I just know they will get the redo treatment, and look a whole lot better than they are now! I have done a few of these desks, and they are a great seller.

This ,on the other hand, I would keep, if I had the room, oh, maybe it can squeeze into my bedroom with everything else,lol!

Just while Im oohing and arrring over them,the posty came with a parcel....

I ordered this a while ago....dont you just love the cover??

So who's up for a giveaway?
Stay tuned, next post it will be up for grabs!

P.S Thankyou for all of your funny and kind comments from the previous post, I knew some of you would relate, I will keep you posted on the updates of this room makeover, but it may take a while....
and Sue, you can stop laughing now!!


  1. Oh my gosh... I wanna come live with you if you get deliveries THAT awesome!!!

    I'm so geographically misplaced...

    ;-D LOVE IT!

  2. I'd love those desks with a surprise inside like pretty old wallpaper. Love one myself but for space. I have to get more creative with my furnishings!!

  3. I loved the large dresser. Knowing me I'd paint it. That book is right up my alley. I'm in!!

  4. Fabulous delivery.
    have fun with the room makeover!!

  5. OMG sue i love it omg what if i bid on it.You know i am not strong i may wealen and buy it.

  6. how, delivery!! i'm with you...i love a delivery! my postman rings my doorbell with stuff all the time. i'm sure he is constantly scratching his!!!
    i wish i had that china hutch. it is gorgeous!! gotta get my hands on that book too!!! looks like fun!!


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