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Exposing myself...

I was tagged a while ago by Irene @ Re-vintaged but it was at a busy time, and I think I was subconciously avoiding it...
But then I thought, 'how bad could it be?' Im a pretty open person, nothing to hide really....
So now it is time to expose myself, so to speak!

What is one thing you can not stand?
Spiders, yes, definitely spiders, and pretty much all of the creepy variety!

If you could go back to your childhood, what cartoon or tv show would be your favourite?
Oh there were so many...My father would only watch abc, so before he would get home from work, i would watch bewitched and I dream of Jeannie, but I grew to love all of the English comedies on abc too!
And lets not forget the bugs bunny cartoons, oh and Humphrey and play school, of course when I was much younger!

What is something you do or have done that would surprise alot of people?
I struggled with this question and had to ask my son..He said ,'something I would do to surprise everyone, was if I got a skip bin and threw all of my junk in it!!

Do you believe in ghosts?
Im not sure, I guess I believe in something, but I dont think it is ghosts.

When you go to the store, whats the one thing you cant stop yourself buying more of?
Well, it depends what store we are talking, chocolate is my downfall, clothes, any, and home decor, always.
My biggest challenge would have to be all of my junk jaunts, I can never leave empty-handed,  buying a piece of furniture, shelving or a chair!

Whats the funniest story you have on you significant other?
This question I asked my daughter to answer...About 5 years ago, hubby was cooking something on the stove and forgot about it. On a whim, he decided to take the kids out to buy a new tv! He came back a couple of hours later, set it up and started watching it. A neighbour came down with photos to show him, and a story!
A lady walking past saw the smoke, got in the house and threw the saucepan outside, and someone else called the fire brigade! Three fire trucks, ten firemen, and a huge exhaust fan, and half an hour later, it was all over! Thankfully, no fire!
Hubby and children had no idea this went on until they saw the photos!
When I arrived home from work and they told me, I couldnt believe they didnt smell the smoke, but I was more embarrassed the firemen saw my messy bedroom!

What is your proudest moment of being a parent?
This is a tough one, so lets see...
I,we have three children/adults, and between them, they have given us many proud moments.
We are very lucky, and for me personally, I would have to say when my youngest finished school, and started his apprenticeship, I felt very proud of us as parents! Our children made it through the school system in one piece,lol, and are now all working in their chosen careers!
I think we did a pretty good job!

If you could go back and relive one day of your life, what would it be?
I cant narrow it down to one day, but a moment of my life would have to be just after we were married, twenty three years ago, we bought a bus, did it up and went travelling for a few months.We planned on going around Australia for a long time, but huh, I fell pregnant! We always said we'd get back to it later, much later! It was the best time in our lives, but a bit short lived! Hubby travels alot with work, so he has seen alot of Australia already, but now our family has almost grown, it might be time to think about another trip again...for both of us!

Since selling our bus , it has crossed our paths twice! These are the latest photos we found, Im not sure where, and it has had another makeover again, but still looks like home! Maybe it is an omen....
Ok, so after that posting marathon, Im supposed to tag three blogging friends, so here you are!
1. Sue @Vintagesue
2.Tara @ shabby in suburbia
3. Debbie P  @ Shabby garden creations
I cant wait to read yours!


  1. Thanks for the interesting read Sue. I really enjoyed it. I also watched all of those TV shows as a kid. ;-)

  2. Love your answers!!
    And the lamp is a beauty! $3 !!!!
    There was more great stuff but funds and know what I mean....


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