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What time is it...What day is it??

Im buried in work and junk!
 'Operation cleanup' continues at a slow pace, adding one thing at a time to the studio pile!
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I also wanted to share with you, a little display my hubby put together at the 
Pool, Spa and outdoor living expo in Sydney.
He sells, transports and delivers fibreglass pools around Australia, so expos are a great way to advertise!

As it was his first in Sydney, I thought I should check it out.It was by far the best display, and they were run off their feet all weekend with interest, and he may have sold the display spa pool too!

This video is without the spajets operating...It is the first fibreglass spapool to have a wet edge (where the water runs over the edge).And his mate made a roller to fit neatly under the deck, easily accessible to cover the pool when not in use.
If anyone is interested(in downunder of course), let me know!
My friend Jen hung out in the sauna most of time!

Now it is back to adding more stock to HERE, and then off to the real job!


  1. Wow that spa looks very inviting. We would love a spa but it is a down the track project. I will have to show Ben this one though. Have a great day! ;-)

  2. okay sue...first....I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!!!! i am screaming at how cute it is!!! love it. love the chandie hanging with the prisms and that blue wood and boat piece or whatever it is. i love it. love the circles!!!
    it is ALWAYS operation clean up in my craft room!!!
    i could use a spa and sauna right about now, but i'm too far away....
    you and your husband are designing rock stars! awesome!!
    good luck with your junking projects. it is never i'm off to browse your shop.
    take care


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