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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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While hubby's away....

The wife will...make lamps!

These have been a "project in waiting" for about three years!

Ive loved admiring other versions I have seen, and thought it was time...

I have one more left to complete,just in time for the sale next Saturday!
Will share more pics soon!


  1. LOVE all those teacup things well done you

  2. wohoot loving trhat first one big time so gorgeous..clever sue

  3. Oh Sue, oh SUUUUUEEEE!!!
    I want to make these too!!!!
    How did you do it genius!!??
    Yours in obsession....
    Irene xx

  4. I too love to make & decorate lamps & lampshades!! Yours are beautiful!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  5. What a lovely idea. How do you make the holes in the China without breaking it. Very gently I presume.
    I always take advantage of the mr leaving too. He has caught on, and is now forever warning me not to paint anything while he is gone ;-)

  6. I just love those lamps!! So freakin' adorable!!

  7. Hi Sue, l just discovered your blog through Shabby Vintage Junk and spent a lovely half hour or so trawling around. Specially loved the lamps and your daughters wardrobe doors that you painted. Fancy your Nan being a ballet dancer. Time's so unkind. Wonderful.... thanks for sharing. Hope your American holiday is awesome. Bron.


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