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And so it begins...

The road trip has begun, and we have gone from LA to Santa Babara, then drove to Santa Maria, where we are spending our first nite without the group we were with, and the kids have gone home!
The weather is great,though the sunburn is not! I went into my first antique shop today, but came out empty handed. The prices werent to different to home, but some nice things just the same...
I decided when I left, that If I find something to take home, it would have to jump out at me, and have to be extra special! Im sticking to my word, and being very strong!
Im enjoying the surroundings, the cultures, and the entertainment, fashion, landscapes, it is all an experience I am taking in. Ive taken so many photos already, and have a few funny pics to share.

This guy approached us as we arrived in Santa Barbara today.He went through a divorce years ago, and decided to become a professional hippy, asking for just a donation to take photos of his car. What an amazing artwork.
Another piece of artwork was this guy on Venus Beach,LA. Built from car parts!

The last one is a guy on the sidewalk in Venus Beach, they all have something to say...

Resting up for a few days now, and will check back in ,in San Francisco, catcha soon!!

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  1. Yep, everyone has a gimmick. They're not that creative here in Oklahoma. We call them "panhandlers." I don't imagine the guy in the van gets good gas mileage...

    You are very strong to resist the shopping pull to buy stuff as souvenirs (probably made in China anyway.) Good luck on your hunt to find the one perfect thing. And be sure to let us know what you choose!

    Have fun! If you are in the USA over July 4th, catch a fireworks display somewhere.


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