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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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I CANT live without my junk!!

I no sooner sell some things, convincing myself it is for my own good and I have had the pleasure of owning them for a while, and now it is someone elses' turn..... and then before I know it, I have replaced them with something else!!

So why is that??

After moving house a while ago, there wasnt room to unpack some boxes until renovations had finished.Two years later, I was ready to open them, it felt like christmas!! But my friend told me to just throw it all away, I obviously didnt need it, or miss it, I didnt even know what was in there!

But curiosity got the better of me and I just had to know, so I opened the boxes, and would you believe I had replaced just about everything that was in those boxes!! They were full of kitchenalia, dust collectors, my husband would say....

I just cant live without it, all of my collections, they are 'me'!

(I feel so many of you smiling right now,Im not alone!)


  1. Hello Sue, welcome to Blogland! It's not junk if it makes you happy and don't worry, we all have lots of "dust collectors". Someone has to give all that dust a home, so it might as well be us. But you're right, I'm sure they breed in the night while we are asleep-lol. Happy Blogging!!
    Hugz, Coll :-}

  2. Hey Sue !!!!
    i see Mum beat me to it !LOL
    im gonna add your blog to my list of favs,,,,you will have lots of visitors soon i am sure!
    I will keep poppin back for visits!

    Shannon xo


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