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REALITY good!!

My daughter has hit a nerve.....reality hurts! When it is just between close friends and family, then its not that bad, it is kind of acceptable...but when my kids involve their friends, it is just down right shocking!!!
They have come to her with concern for my health, they think I have a problem with hoarding, and she tends to agree. I laughed when she told me, they hadnt even entered the house at that point, that crazy observation was on the front verandah!!
But after lying in bed for a couple of hours, stewing on hers, and their words, I think they could be right.
I have been ignorant to the mess, no, the tip we have been living amongst for (at its worst) 2 years! Our $20,000 verandah we had built has never seen the light of day, I filled it to the brim the day it was finished...that is just the back verandah! Need I go on??
Today is the first day of my cleansing diet, the thinning down of junk and the like!
Keep an eye on my ebay store, Junkstudio on Karabah, you will be seeing many auctions over the next few weeks .I thankyou for your support.....


  1. Oh Sue, I had to laugh. I don't have a front verandah like yours (it is quite big guys, I've seen it) but my (not John's-lol) shed, the garage and my work/computer room look just like it. Take heart, I'm sure we aren't alone. Just ask Shannon-lol. By the way, I want that cup & saucer when you sell it.
    Hugz, Coll :-}

  2. hi, i just stumbled upon your blog and went to go check out your ebay auctions and ebay is telling me that your "user ID is not found" =( i'd love to check out your treasures. debbie

  3. Good luck to you! I was reading your blog, just as I am planning my rummage sale run tomorrow morning. Could I also need to downsize?! Keep us posted. Will check out your auctions!

  4. we are all the same
    the inside of your house is not loke the verandah
    there is the difference
    a true horder wouldnt leave a spot inside the house.Im the same
    a doubl;e garage and can we fit the car in lol
    at least we are interesting
    yours in junkin


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