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'DISTRACTION', its a good thing, isnt it??

Well if you have read my last post, then you would understand, at this point any distraction is a good thing, especially when you know that once you start to clean one area, you are going to have to clean another to make room for the first lot of junk you need to find a space for!!!
So thankyou to my dear friend ,who handed over this gem for me to play with!!
It is an old industrial sewing machine and table, with accessories...the cotton reel holder may have to move to another table of mine!
So this is the 'before', keep watching, and you might see the 'after'! I'll see how long I can hold off clearing my verandah for....its too cold to be outdoors now anyway, right???


  1. Hi Sue, glad to see you've stopped cleaning up. I find your front verandah very interesting-lol. Love the old sewing machine. Isn't it funny that we both have one of those "scales". I would never have known what it was meant for without the actual scale pieces. Still think it would make a great lamp base though-lol. Have a lovely day.
    Hugz, Coll :-}

  2. Hello Sue..Once a junker..always..I have even gone thru 'withdrawals'..Proud of you for purging tho..sometimes I do that so that I can collect more of something else. lol
    Today I purged..with the carport sale..yeah! all of those someone else's got goodies from my stuff..
    Visit me when you can...Deb

  3. Hey Sue, where have you been? I keep checking. Shannon tells me off for not posting, so come on girl.
    Coll :-}


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