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I dont want to sound like a whinger, but if it didnt rain at my house for a few months I would be happy!
I have had rain pouring in on my verandahs, yes you know ,the ones with all the junk on them? And my studio / dumping ground out the back isnt much better! As soon as the sun comes out, I forget about the leaks, until next time....The past few days, I havent acheived much, no painting, no cleaning, no sewing, time has stood still!
But today is a new day, the sun is shining, the cockies are screeching, and Im ready for action.So keep nagging me Coll (Collsgarden), it might just get me going!


  1. ha ha Sue you cracked me up. My front lawn is so water logged i may need a canoe to get out!

    I hope none of your 'treasures' were water damaged :(

    That mother of mine is such a nag LOL

    Luv Shann xo

  2. LOL-Shannon is right, I'm a nag, but it gets things done, right?
    You posted! I think we're all under water, thank the Lord it goes downhill in the Mountains. Keep posting Sue & I hope everything dries out soon.
    Hugz, Coll :-}

  3. Sue,
    I chuckled when I heard you talk about your daughter's concern about the veranda. There's a fine line between hoarding and collecting... it's the creativity in a lot of us. My girls think it's strange that I have a weblog and have only read it when I call and ask them if they have read it. So... do what makes you happy... but also think of it as "making a nest for your family". Get their input and help!
    They'll appreciate it more.


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