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A Sleep-deprived Junker

Now here is a project to do in my spare time!! I love garden and pot stands, but not for plants....

It is 5am, I have been up for 2 hours!!

Yesterday, I had a day of unplanned junking, I think I am still on a high!!

My neighbour asked me out early to go with her, and I declined( it took all my might) as I had a lunch doo with a friend. But after thinking it over, for a few seconds, I decided to go on my own.

I came home an hour later,had filled the car, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

My husband tried to direct me to our little junk pile to offload my new junk, how rude!!

Then...I cleaned up , went out for lunch, and spent the afternoon visiting every secondhand shop known to man! It was just.... Im lost for words!

Please tell me Im not the only one that has this problem, my brain is buzzing with ideas, and I cant wait to start with my projects.I would battle the cold now, but it is too dark, well now Im sounding desperate!

Photos to come, when it is daylight...

Before deciding to add this blog, I was watching tv, those advertisements that go for a couple of hours, it is like they brainwash you. So without realizing, you have your credit card in your hand dialling the number to buy 2 sets of the '70's boxed set of DVDs, and why do we make this decision at 3 in the morning?? Those songs brought back so many memories, David Bowie, Bee Gees, oh and did I mention they have standup comedy on them as well, a very young Steve Martin? Oh my god ,I need a coffee....

Ok, so here are some more of my collections ....Rolling pins, table cloths, tassles, thimbles and rugs.Just a few, and I will add more again later!

Please check out my new additions to if I dont have enough at my house, I had to go and raid my parents', they were having a clean out, I sware!!
Dad made each of us one of these tables years ago, a beautiful piece of Cedar.

Isnt this just so cute, very old, see they had shabby chic back then too!!!This is my favourite, hope it doesnt sell, I just love it.Again,very old!

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  1. You found some gorgeous things. I know how it is when you are on an op shop roll - you could go on forever! Where is the link to your ebay auctions?


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