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Lost in time....

Where do the days go?? Sometimes they just come and go without being acknowledged...well that's what school hols do for me!

I didnt know they were upon us until the Friday they broke up from school! I only have one child left to really entertain now, the others are older, so we kind of feel a bit lost as to what to do.When they are young, movies, picnics, friends, there are endless things to do. But as they get older, and fewer, I guess the novelty slowly fades....I miss the good old days.

Between trying to be a parent/ entertainer / friend, to a bored teenager, I have managed to add some more items on ebay, here are a few of my latest.
Well I hope everyone with school children are having a nice break, and for those of whom are 'LOST IN TIME' , Monday is only 4 more sleeps away, then hopefully things will return to normal!!


  1. My kids don't go back until the 24th. Am counting the days!

  2. going to check out your auctions,didnt know you were a visual merchandiser ,I am too was in the first lot trained at werrington tafe/What ayear that was.

  3. i want that cupboard!!!!!!
    i have to have it!!!!!!!!!



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