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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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Sometimes when things happen around us, or to us, I tend to think they happen for a reason, not always sure what that reason is, but it is easier to think that way, to get through it and deal with it. But then you get that 'snowballing effect', when something else goes wrong, and then another, until you ask that question; What is that 'all important' reason?? Ok , it is someone else's turn to have their troubles and woes.....I feel better now, just sharing that with you.

No I wouldnt wish that on anybody, but you can see where Im coming from...

This siteshed was storage for all my (and my friend's)junk we had collected.We now have separate sheds, and verandahs, so we are selling it on ebay.So have a look, if you need extra room, if you have a 'collecting' problem like me, this could be just for you.

This gorgeous desk is one of my listings on ebay.

Well , it has been a very cold week, and they predict a wet weekend, so keep warm , and dry, and blog till your heart is content!!!

This was a pleasure to make, and it will be hard to part with....

Did I happen to mention I like buttons????
And coathangers...and magazines, this was very full until just recently!!

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  1. okay okay you win,you are officially worse than me.I thought my magazine addiction was bad.But between us we would weather a massive storm like the movie one we could just keep burning mags lol
    I too love buttons i need buttons
    who doesnt
    do i sew
    but still i need buttons
    buttons are comforting dont you think


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