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While hubby's away ,the wife will...clean!

Well hubby is on yet another trip for a while, so cleaning has become a high priority! A bit early for a 'spring clean', but only a few weeks, and I have to take advantage of my free time!I say 'free', as I find I can pull things out, move things around, and put them back in order, when I feel like it!! The kids dont care, they just walk around, or over!

I like to do at least 'something' to surprise him on his return, so I am setting myself the biggest challenge, Im clearing the verandah!!! I know, as overwhelming as it is, Im attempting it anyway.Today, I took away 5 items ,but I moved in 4! Slowly but surely, we'll see!

He has left me without a car, another challenge for myself, but my neighbour has been very charitable...she knows if I dont get out regulary to fossick for junk, well, you just dont want to know what happens! So here are a few of my finds, umming and arrring as to whether to keep them, I really have trouble with 'separation anxiety'.

A dear friend of mine actually gave me some things, she did her spring clean even earlier than me, and I turned up for lunch, to a huge pile of allsorts! So check out my ebay store over the coming weeks, there is some serious selling about to start!

In the mean time, I have some more collections to share with you, yes MORE.....

I love the old handmirrors and brushes, I convert them to frames for photos, oh look, there's more mags under them as well!

These mags have been read a dozen times, and edited, so my neighbour is gradually selling them at the local markets...some are from the early 80's, and they are all home ,country collections, and the american country mags, yes I know, its a problem...I love plates, and i love blue, so this is just a smidgen of my collection.You cant even imagine what my dusting regiment is...well only those mad collectors like me would have an idea! I hate it with a passion, one day I will buy a glass cabinet and store them in there.My husband would think otherwise...get rid of them!!!I think that is all of my collections for now, I'll give you a break!!!


  1. Hey Sue, is that what it is? Spring is coming! How did I not realise that. I'm spring cleaning, of course. My house looks like a madhouse today, I'm having friends come for dinner tomorrow for Christmas in July - OK I know it's August, just a little late. but I am getting there. You really bought home some good stuff. Why do we do that? The more we get rid of, the more we bring home.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

    PS: Can I come Tuesday morning and pick up my tray?

  2. AVE..ClavestreasuresMonday, August 06, 2007

    Hey Sue!! Just reading your blog. I did not know about your button fettish. I love them too! I have a big box full left over from my grandmother. They are in an old camera box. I love nothing more than running my fingers through them to find a set or one elusive button!! The smell is unique. One I will never forget!

  3. Hey Sue, I spy hobnail Milk Glass in one of those pictures....hmmmm i love it :)

    I wanted to tell you also that i am hosting my very first SWAP, c'mon over and take a peek!

    Shann :)

  4. Sues, thank you for the tray thingy, John will love it, he can now sit in front of the TV and eat dinner while I am at work (he does now, just rests it on his lap and spills it). Sorry I missed you today.
    Milkglass eh, must have missed that.
    Hugs, Coll :-}


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