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While hubby's away, the wife will...dismantle?

Oh my god, what am I doing?? I have gotten out of control! I have pulled apart just about every room in the house, only to find it wont all go back together again...I was never good at jigsaw puzzles either!

I cant just clean a room, I like to rearrange, to find that little bit of extra space,it is an 'in house' joke with my husband and kids! Whenever they come home and see everything moved, they say," oh there's much more room now"! Well, they wouldnt be saying it now.

I am under pressure , Wednesday is the deadline...

I have decided to invite a few tradesmen into my home to fix and finish off some jobs, another distraction, but do you know how hard it is to find any and have them give a quote??Do any of you have the same problem, or is it just me??

I feel all I have been doing lately is painting, sanding, painting, and more painting, oh, and cleaning!! Look what I found on my verandah, hiding in the corner? I couldnt even get in front to take the photo. Now look at what I did to it...

The finished result is quite rewarding. I am sooo happy with it, I had to just give you a sneek peek before I list that's what you call 'Shabby and Chic!!!

I bought a new toy, no, not that kind of toy... an electric stapler / nailgun. It is fantastic for upholstery, though a bit hairy, no , not that kind of toy...scary!

Finally, I would like to thank Coll ,Collsgarden and Katrina,Little LaLas! Yay, I received the "Nice Award". Oh if they only knew me better!!! Still new to blogland, I decided that you are all worthy, and dont need an award to prove it!
Something weird just happened...A friend just came to my door with a box full of old brass castors to give me, she offered them to me about 2 years ago, and we forgot all about it. I have listed on ebay, a teatrolley, but it is missing the castors.....oh my god, how weird is that??
Well, I have listed a few more on ebay, but this cleaning is getting nowhere fast!! Im beyond help, my dear parents are coming to the rescue, can always count on them to pickup the pieces!!


  1. Wow, I love what you did with that wardrobe! Too cute. I can't believe you are doing your whole house - good for you!! See, I don't hoard anything and have no trouble throwing everything out! I often get rid of things and regret it later!!

    Chat soon,
    Katrina :)

  2. Shame on you Katrina!!!Maybe I need you here to help with my hoarding problem...I cant believe Im doing my whole house either, fool I am!

  3. Oh, you go girl. I expect to see a sparkling house next time I call in. Sues, the wardrobe looks fantastic. Is it wallpaper on the pretty bits? Aren't you clever. Hope it's all finished by tomorrow - he he.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  4. ha ha ha Sue you are soooo like me and mum. What an absolute classic. Love what you did with the wardrobe too.
    Heres hoping you get it all in order.

    Shann :)

  5. wow your wardrobe looks absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I just love LOVE love your wardrode, it is truly beautiful! :)


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