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It's the thought that counts....

Ok.... I didnt get the cleaning, and rearranging finished in time for hubby to get home....well I was being optomistic, and it is the thought that counts!

When he came home at midnight, I did hear," Oh my god", and some laughing, so I surprised him, well luckily he didnt crash into anything!

My parents did a wonderful job, my front garden looks like a garden instead of a refuge for weeds. My mantle I have had for about 10years, and some shelves and cupboards I have so desparately needed, are all up on the walls...I never thought it would happen!

Of course, the snowballing effect sets in, and on and on it goes! The answer you are probably waiting, I didnt clear my verandahs, disappointing, but expected!

I went around my home a while ago, happy snapping.Sometimes seeing things in a photo help you to see things in a different perspective. So I thought I would share some with you.Being a visual merchandiser, I tend to have little displays of things around in and out of the house, but they usually get disturbed by the other people I live with, how rude!

These curtains are my favourite in all the house! The sheer ones ,I bought from a fellow ebayer, who has a shop at the bottom of the mountains.She bought something off me on ebay, so we did a swap. The gorgeous crushed velvet curtains, are vintage, and cotton lined, and were a steal at $20 for 4 drops at a garage sale!

I found this dresser top at one of my favourite junk shops. After I clean it up, Im hoping to house all my red and cream kitchenalia! Well most of it anyway. Of course, my father will be back to put this one up too! He's a gem!


  1. Sue, it looks wonderful. What a good job you are doing. But can I expect all that stuff to still be on the verandah next time I call in?
    Hugs, Coll :-}
    PS: Guess who got to keep the trunk? Holds an enormous amount of my ebay stuff.

  2. Wow it looks so lovely ,love it all cant tell me and you are visual merchandisers can you,displays all over the place.Just put m cupboard up (well had to pay a man to put it up lol)Now i have to rarrange the whole house to display inside it and move what was on the wall etc.Thanks sue i love my cupboard and your new kitchen one wow its perfect.

  3. Wow, I love all your displays!


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