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Dont sweat the small stuff...

I have for you, some more specials I have found in the past week. Of course, a few to sell, and more to keep!!

I am listing this gorgeous teak cabinet will be very hard to part with, but essential to my cleanup plan!

This lamp is stunning, and although I have a few milk glass pieces, Im willing to share...
What an assortment of wonderful things, cups and saucers, baskets, lamps, it doesnt get any better than this, well it probably does. Each weekend it just gets better, and the weather is getting warmer, it is just a delightful way to spend a morning, afternoon,or a whole weekend fossicking around!

DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!! By Richard Carlson. Ph.D.

I came across this book recently, and it has become my bible! If any of you have read it, you will understand what I mean. I read it in a couple of hours, havent read a book in 3 years! My eldest daughter read it and could see what she already practised, and needed to work on.

Sometimes it is hard to see the glass is half full ,rather than half empty. Sometimes it takes all your strength to see the good in something, or someone.

But whilst reading it the other night, so many times I found myself nodding in agreement with thoughts that spiral out of control, and have that snowballing effect! Here are a few titles to go by...

"Remind yourself when you die, your inbasket wont be empty". We all try to get everything done, finished, accomplished, but we never do, it wont happen, there will always be more!

"Become a better listener".Im usually so busy trying to tell someone everything, I barely listen!

My fav one at the moment is"Look beyond behaviour". I have 3 teenagers, and counting to 20 doesnt work anymore! There is light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully everyone will come out of it in one piece!

There are so many good ones, and it has opened my eyes so hopefully I can be a better person...well, I said hope!!

I may quote a few more titles from the book along the way, they make you stop and think about stuff!

In case you havent read my all important news....Junkitjunction's sale is on the 30th of this month, Lawson markets!! Im busy pricing, and packing for the big day, and if the sun is shining, I'll be there! Im hoping my dearest friend will be there too, and it will be a great day had by all!

So I will end my blog by saying this;

" Remember, that you become what you practise most!

In other words,if you are easily frustrated,,then unfortunately, you life will always be frustrating, as you are well practised! You have trained yourself to think that way your whole life, time to make a change!


  1. those titles are very true arent they

    love your little treasures, love the cabinet but the postage would kill me lol

  2. Sensational post! I think I may have to find that book!!

    -Katrina :)

  3. Oh such wise words! Looks like a great book and I'd be interested in hearings some more from it!

    I LOVE that hobnail glass lamp!!!

    Clare x

  4. Thankyou Clare, I will be sure to add more...and thankyou for telling me the name of the lamp.It was on the tip of my tongue!!


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