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A Little ray of sunshine!

Let there be sun shining over me this Sunday, as I present my first Junkit Junction Sale, at Lawson,' Magpie Markets".

For all those locals who may be interested, please drop by, would love to meet you, see you, as the case may be!

I am quietly beginning to panic, I have been so busy with other things this week, it will be a case of throwing everything in the car, and sorting it out when we get there! Here is just a peek at what will be there...Chenille and quilted bedspreads, glass bowls, canisters,baskets,mirror, pin board, a suitcase of clothes, and so much more. I know ,as you can see in the photos,I havent packed anything yet!

As I have been preoccupied lately, ebay has been a bit neglected, but I have managed to add these few things.The mosaic table is quite a 'Transition' from what it started out as. Im pretty happy with it, though I miss my plates! My daughter had a great time, and released some aggression she didnt know she had...though she is a redhead!!
I also have this cute desk.And just listed tonite, is this gorgeous dinnerset.

Better get back to it, I do work well under pressure, so wish me luck, and I will post photos next week.

1 comment:

  1. ARRRRGGGHHHHi missed it !! I was sooooo sick, damn Flu. YUKKY.
    Mum said you had some GREAT STUFF too. Bugger. Oh do i see the tin she bought off you in the photos there????? I want that tin so much!

    Hope the day was good for you Sue.

    luv Shann xo
    p.s we really truly have to do lunch.


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