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A story to share...

My 'baby boy', Toby, is unwell.

After a week or so, thinking is he ok, is it the hot weather, has he eaten something? One morning, I went to play with him, threw his toy for him to retrieve, but he just rolled it with his nose. I thought he was just being a bit lazy, so I nagged him to bring it to me....he yelped when he tried to pick it up.

I thought he might have a bone stuck, or infected tooth, always having an answer for things. At only 3 and a half, Toby has a muscular condition, affecting his chewing muscles. He can pant, he can bark, he can eat, but he cant open his mouth more than an inch or two at best. He has had lots of tests, including a bioptsy of the muscle in his forehead and cheeks, as she predicts they are wasting away.

The vet said with medication for pain and management, he will live quite normally, but no bones, and toys...Toby's loves of his life!

Already he is showing much frustration and crying, as he runs down to the yard to retrieve a toy for us, and struggles to pick it up. So now he just sits, and looks sooo sad, wondering what's wrong with him.

If you have read my previous post starring Toby, then you would know, he is just adorable, and is my shadow.Since the kids are out more, and hubby is away alot, I guess he has been my companion, for the majority of the time too. He is a good listener, he is appreciative, he doesnt argue, though he does bark at me when it is time for dinner!

Hopefully he wont deteriorate any further, or he will have to be feed through a tube.

My daughter even joked about him always sleeping these days, he should have more energy as he is only 3! I laughed and said, well he is 21, he's probably been up partying all night!

If anyone else knows of this condition, Id be interested to know more....

Now, on a lighter note...

As some of you know, I love to transform things, with bits and pieces I have found. Well so does my dearest friend of nearly 30 years, except the difference being , she is a dooer, and Im the dreamer! Sue fossicked through my junk, and came up with this, and said it was the perfect thing she was looking for! I'll show you in the next blog what it becomes!

So I thought I would occasionally add some things around her garden and home, and show you how clever she is. I may even find a few I have actually finished! that ok Sue??

Sue often visits to remind me why she is such an important person in my, and my family's life. My house fills with flowers, my garden lights up with anticipation(she loves to garden), and my family are pampered with love and attention. When she leaves to go home to her family, she leaves a spark of inspiration, I want to get out in the garden, I want to clean my verandah, just for a split second, and I want to create!

If Sue is reading this, she will know it was hard to write, Im not generally a mushy kind of person...So we will leave it there!! So I want to dedicate part of this blog to Sue, because as well as being my inspiration, she is my support, and has been here all weekend, again, for me, and for Toby. The other part, I want to dedicate to is my 'baby boy', who knows how much I love him, and will find a way to get through this, and maybe even find some new ,smaller toys!

With all this going on , working seems to help pass the time, and I need all the money I can get to pay for all those tests! So here are a couple of new listings...

Guess what time it is here???? Mulberry time, just love them! And here in my little town, there are Mulberry trees galore, mine in particular, is about 70 years old!

I couldnt finish this blog without mentioning my other companion here, he whistles, talks( a

bit ),and he demands attention like Toby.His name is Chad.He is occasionally my daughter's, when she remembers him!

Well, if you managed to get through this blog, I thankyou for reading it, and promise the next ones will be shorter, had to get it off my chest. So I'll finish by adding this quote from 'Dont sweat the small stuff': Think of what you have, not what you want.....I have alot to be grateful for, and they certainly outway the wants!


  1. Thankyou for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts (but not this last one). Poor Toby. He looks so sorry for himself and I bet he looks at you as if to say 'Please help me get better'. I'll visit again and hope to read that he has improved.

  2. Poor Toby. Maybe once he realises what hislimitations are he will get used to it. Yummy mulberries.

  3. Oh Sue, I do hope your poor boy feels better soon. Poor love, to have such a horrible condition. You know that I know how you feel, we both love our babies.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  4. Thankyou for all your well wishes, much appreciated!!!

  5. Oh Sue this made me cry. You poor things. I hope Toby is doing ok. Its so hard isnt it, they cant tell us where they are hurting.
    My poor Scamp is back at the Vets on a drip again. It breaks my i know how you are feeling.

    Heres hoping that all our babies will be fine.

    love Shann xo

  6. Hi Sue, very sorry to hear about poor Toby. I'm sure with love and care from you he will cope just fine. He's a precious friend for sure. Clare x

  7. Hi Sue, I actually posted today. Come & visit again. Hope your baby boy is feeling a bit better, you too.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  8. Poor Toby, I hope there is something that can be done for him. Hugs to him and you!

  9. HI Sue, This is the saddest thing I have read for a long time. After hearing from you the other night the bad news, it has taken this blog for it to sink in. Must be the Jet Lag!! Let me know if I can help.
    PS All your hard work with your transitions should be paying off, your wares look wonderful. You are so clever.

  10. That's very sad about your puppy! He is so very gorgeous. I hope he feels better soon!

  11. Poor puppy...I hope he responds well to the treatment. I'm glad he is teaching you a new way to play the game. Just goes to show how much they want to play with us and please us.


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