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Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

Time is just ticking away, can you believe there are only 10 weeks till christmas??
I have to say , I used to despize people for telling me how many weeks till the big day....after working in retail for so many years, and preparing christmas in August/ September, it just dragged on for so long! I also used to dress the store and windows of David Jones, Christmas was a huge and exhausting time!

Then we would prepare for the Boxing Day sales, and work flat out for the next month...

Dont get me wrong, I love christmas, I love decorating, and I love buying gifts, and most of all, spending time with family and friends.

Working from home, has put this special season into a better perspective, away from the frantic crowds, and people reminding me how long to go, and of cause, the temptation of buying up everything in sight! The prospects of eventually giving in ,and taking that first step, are on the fact I think I just took it today! I came home from delivering a shelf sold through ebay, with bags of 'stuff' from shops! It is all just a blur, I dont really remember what happened, Im sure when I get my creditcard statement, that will remind me!!
Toby and I just want to thank everyone for their kind words of support from my previous blog, Toby is , well adjusting I guess. He seems a bit happier, and still manages to fetch a toy just has trouble hanging onto it! More importantly, he is teaching us to play the game. He usually runs to the toy, barks for us to pick it up, and then wants us to throw it again! Not so silly is he!! He starts his injections next week, to help manage his condition, and of cause, the pain. At least now, I know of one other case the vet has treated the past 5 years with it, and she said they can live quite comfortably, just some adjustments. So thankyou again......

Just thought I'd show you this gorgeous music book! I found it just in time for (dare I say it again) Christmas! Would you believe I have a collection of very old music books, and I didnt even know I collected them?? Yes I am a true blonde!

Like alot of you, I have made alot of my xmas decorations over the years, and always like to share my ideas. So, next week I will be organising some more items for ebay, so I will drag out the collection of chrissy things I intend to sell!


  1. Aaaarrgghh!! Good grief, Charlie Brown. Ten weeks!! Is that why I was dreaming of painting pine cones pink last night - lol. I know Sue, I have already bought a little pink sequin-covered conical tree, some pearly glittery things, some baubles and yep, we've done the Kris Kringle thing in our family already! Gotta go get those pinecones out & the pink paint. BTW, Toby looks much happier, although it is hard to tell with a Spaniel, eh.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  2. I am in retail so I am always being told how many weeks until Christmas. I do the window at a homewares shop and I also work in David Jones! Just unpacked a stack of Christmas stock, so exhausting.

  3. Hi, wow thanks for putting me on ur blogroll! I can see there are lots of "us" out there..! I'll return the favour

    Having a menagerie myself, and 2 gundogs, thought you might like to look at
    I have used them for my poor old 18yr old cat with great success :)
    Best wishes for Toby


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