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Well, it's a tree.....

Ok, so I found a tree, not "THE" tree, but at this point in time, I cant afford to be fussy!! As my friend Jenni suggests, look for a good one in the sales after chistmas!

Up until last year, my three kids and I would decorate the tree together, play the music, and sing seems Im left standing, alone. My daughter attempted to, then went out, my son started, but then went and watched something on tv, and my other daughter isnt interested in anything!

So...I have the presents under the tree, waiting for the big day!

I went to the library to use the computer the other day, ours was affected by all the storms we have been having. Anyway, my daughter and I havent been there since she was in her first year of high school, 8 years ago! That was when we had the internet connected!
It was interesting to look around, and we ended up borrowing some books, of course, I had to get a new library card!

mmm...How will she clean out her new fridge without getting messy!!!

I found this fantastic book, I just have to show you...some of the things are hilarious! It was good reading for all the family!!

Yes, weight has always been a problem!

...and B.O !!LOL

I have just added some more to ebay, hoping for some last minute sales before the big day!

Keep an eye out for my next post, if it is the last thing I do for the year, I will show you my complete verandah, spick and span, never to become a storage area again! Well '08 is a new year, we'll see!


  1. Great post Sue, funny how we girls get left to do things - at least the tree will look how you want it.
    What fun books you got from the library!
    Look forward to seeing the post of the verandah.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Your tree looks great! I had to smile about your kids :)

    Sometimes I feel guilty and think I should go to the library (like the good old days), but never seem to get there when I have this computer on hand! My sister and I often talking about - remember when we were at the library studying and such and such happened?? You have inspired me to go now!

  3. Your tree looks lovely. I love some of your ornaments. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Karol :0)

  4. The tree looks great, at least you get to decorate it how you want it!!!

  5. Oh Sue, that is hysterical. Let's all clean out the fridge with our gloves on - lol. You'd need rubber gloves for mine, i'm thinking. And I am so coming over to see that clean verandah!
    Hugs Coll :-}

  6. Sue, I picked up my big lilac tree after Christmas last year on ebay. It was a huge bargain!
    I adore that book, would love to see more pages of it.


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