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Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, where art thou christmas tree???

Well, Christmas has taken hold in this home, and it is here to stay, well at least for a while!!

A little bit here, and a little bit there, and with the help of all the Christmas movies on tv and the department store music and decs, I think we are getting in the spirit...

My "Hat" theme for Christmas day is also coming together, here is just a peek! Sue if you are reading this , then 'STOP', right now! We cant have you copying now can we??
My girls have been busy and creative...
I havent started mine yet, but this is what I have to work with! This one is hubby's hat, I know he wont make one!
My son is making one at school, so I wont see his till Chrissy!

The only thing that is left, is to find the perfect xmas tree. I have had real ones, I have had plastic ones, they have all ended up in the tip! Any suggestions for this year?? It needs to be simple, gorgeous, and there's a challenge! MMMM, 'man' comes to mind....only jokin????

I can see half my verandah now , Toby is loving it, and that's all Im going to say, yay!

If only the sun would shine, for just a couple of days, enough to decorate outside, oh and clean up all my junk!

This is what I have been busy working on lately, my friend Jenni and I bought this siteshed when we started our business together a couple of years ago. We have decided to sell it now, and you can check it out in my ebay store. Im a bit reluctant to part with it now, it looks too good!

I dont have the aussie christmas bush growing here, but I have the New Zealand christmas bush, its gorgeous, and not as messy! It is in the ground, otherwise I might have used 'it' to decorate this year.


  1. Hi! I love the wreath!! I just love a berry garland. Your girls look like they have been having a great time. Hope the sun shines for you this week.

  2. Lots of christmas fun happening at your house.

  3. How about an elegant, white tree? With silver and aqua decorations.

  4. Thanks Peta, I actually looked at a white tree today, but I had my daughter with me, and she said' Who in their right mind would have a white tree?' I grew up having a white xmas tree ,until about 3 years ago, so approx 40 years!!! That's all I knew!

  5. Sues, I looked at white trees too, but oh boy, the prices!! So I drowned my green one in Santa Snow. Itlooks great. Pink & Silver baubles all over, one of Shann's fairies on top & it's gorgeous!
    Hugs, Coll :-}


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