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As if this time of the year isnt busy enough, we are at the family's beck and call! The 'things we do' for family....
My hubby has family spread around the UK, but more specifically, Queensland.So a family reunion was arranged, and we just had to be part of it!

12 hours later, and we were in Brisbane! Road trips arent like they used to be, the kids are almost adults, and the whining doesnt stop!! Our muscles ache from lack of circluation, and our eardrums are blown out from thumping music, and our voices are hoarse from singing, well yelling to the songs! Great fun had by all!!It was a shame, after one day and two nights, we had to turn around and go home, yes , another 12 hours!! THE THINGS WE DO !!!

We did get to spent 2 hours enjoying the resort ,the morning we were leaving!!

It's been a while since my last blog, basically Im flat chat, mainly with clearing my verandah! Do you know this verandah sarga has been going on since the start of my blogging, I need to move on, and just get it finished...if only I'd stop bringing things home!With only 3 and a bit weeks to go till chrissy, Im thinking my family may have to sit out in the lane on xmas day!

The past week, I have been reducing my 'baby boy' Toby's medication ( my dog), and he is doing so well.He stayed at my parents' house while we were away, and had a ball!

Well not much more to say, except' Rain rain , go away!! I have had enough!!Though I have to say, everything is looking so green, oh we're never happy, too hot, too wet....

Here are some of my latest listings on ebay....


  1. Ah, yes. The 12 hour drive. We have one when we visit our son. But isn't it all worth it? And for you to get to stay in a resort as nice as that! Oh, you're making me look forward to our trip in a couple of weeks.

  2. We just did the 5 hour drive. I thought that was too long to be in the car with 2 kids and 2 cats each way! I don't think we could do 12 hours! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your new eBay Listings! Karol :0)


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