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How many days??

My daughter informed me there were only about 48 days till christmas...

I know we have 365 days to prepare for the next one, and we shouldnt complain that we are running out of time, to shop, decorate, and create, but time just flies too fast, dont you think?

I remember consciously making an effort to start on this xmas early January, what happened?

Maybe I should make double of everything now, then I'll be ahead for next Chrissy!

I have in my possession, these beautiful chairs, which I am going to sell eventually, but I thought Id show you one I have already finished.Im so happy with it, and have listed it on ebay for tonite. Sometimes we can be lucky to find such treasures, and I was lucky enough to 'trade' these with something I was about to sell.

I accidently put my hand up to have christmas here with all my family, in total, 20 people. Each year, it is a special time for us to bag each other out, laugh, swim, drink,eat, and catch up on trivia. But this year, I thought I'd have a theme. So I have made it 'HATS'.

I sent out invites yesterday, with a one of a kind poem,( if you dont know how bad my poetry is, check out one of my old posts, its bad!

They each have to decorate a hat, make one from scratch, and there will be a prize.Obviously, it needs to be christmassy!

So, as you can imagine, my mind is racing with ideas to decorate my verandah, when it is cleared from all my junk, and what about my hat?Any suggestions??Maybe i could decorate it in chrissy "junk", mmm, need to think about this one....


  1. Hi Sue! Your Christmas sounds like so much fun!! We love to do the same... drink, eat, laugh and bag each other out. I am loving the theme idea. I think I should try that one. I think it's about 46 days til Xmas actually- too close.

    Chat soon
    Katrina :)

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment on my blog. You must have been doing an incredible job where you worked for it to fold 4 weeks later. It's nice to know not everyone is replaceable as most bosses will say.
    As for your hat, I think you should decorate it with vintage Christmas finds :)

  3. did someone say chairs ?????
    oh i sooo love them!
    ahh christmas...thanks for reminding me...NOT
    Love the hat idea. might have to get a theme happenin for our crazy mob too :)


  4. 48 days? Groan. How did that happen?

    Love the chairs. Your were a lucky duck!

  5. H Sue. don't we always say we'll be more organised next year. Not sure which next year we mean but. Love those chairs, don't let Shannon near them. We will have to try & have coffee or something with Shannon &Julles before Chrissie eh.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  6. I ADORE those chairs, very whimsical. Love the hat idea, very crazy and definately a great conversation piece. I just posted all my christmas cards today... I was determined to be organised this year. Oh I found more goodies this week, check out my blog:


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