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Sue's garden...

Well ,I'd like to say it is mine Im talking about but......
A couple of posts ago, I spoke about my dear friend Sue. She is a wonderful gardener, and very proud I might add! I kept asking her to send me some photos to show all of you,but sometimes if you want something, you have to do it yourself!

So here are some special photos of her pride and joy...

Everywhere you look, there is something of interest, and they all have a story or two! Most of her creative touches are recycled, and unusual.

I stayed there for the weekend, and Sunday we went for a drive for an hour and a bit, down to Berry for a quick visit, mainly to browse the markets. I still cant come to terms with coming home empty handed, but It was my day for browsing, so no specials to show you!!

Sue's mum came along, and we watched the Scottish band with their bagpipes, and had a beautiful lunch. I dont get down to Berry too often, but always feel Ive been on a little holiday, and this one was definitely little, about 3 hours , but definitely worth it!This lady was Heidi, and had a unique craft!Her next stall will be at Richmond, on the 8th Dec.I just love the shower on the left!

Sue's neighbour's chook took up residence in the pram, and is now waiting for her babies to hatch!

Whilst taking photos of Sue's garden, this cheeky cockatoo kept following me, it lines up with her chooks to be fed most days!

These chooks live the good life, check out their home!
Im so pleased to share Sue's garden with you, I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. And a cockatoo just walks around the yard. How close to paradise is this?

    Looks like you had a nice little get-away. I don't think I've ever heard live bagpipes. That's definitely on my list!

  2. Sue's garden is lovely.
    What a nice little get away for you.


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