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A "Pause" in Time...

Well ,Christmas is over, and the New Year has well and truly begun!

I'm in a very philosophical mood today...sorry, dont mean to bore you!

My first strawberry!

I find myself lost for words when I try to absorb the past year and it's vast quantity of events and activities which surrounded us everyday....
Then I look at the calendar this morning, only to realize the first week of the New Year is over!

If 'time' could just pause whilst we were thinking,we'd have plenty of 'time' left over to actually 'do' all the things we are spending so much 'time' thinking about!!

Yep, that's me...a thinker!! I drive myself crazy sometimes, not only from my thoughts, but in frustration, I'm not getting anything done!!

Im not into New Year Resolutions, it is too much pressure to be under for my liking, though I do like to have roughly sketched plans to work towards over the following months.

I suppose that could be classed as the easy way out, so if I fail to fulfill a plan, or a target, it doesnt matter, it was only a sketch, nothing definite! Yeh I know, I think too much!! But if you knew me, you'd know Im fairly undecisive, so I dont like to commit...

The Capital Theatre, Billy Elliot, fantastic!!

Anyway, Ive been browsing everyone's blogs, and it has just been entertaining me no end, there are some very interesting people out there in blogland, it is the 'technological' way of socializing! My friend Sue, whom I've mentioned on many occasions, says she reads it to catch up on what I've been doing, and she doesnt have to actually reply, or have a conversation with me, this is coming from someone who lives to talk!

On my very informal list, plan 'to do' this year, I really want to dig down deep and explore some creative and artistic talents I used to have B.C ( before children ).It might take a bit of digging!!

My table on my 'verandah', post Christmas! The table is made from part of a tenpin bowling lane!

Im hoping to sell some more of my 'licorice all sorts' pieces of junk , restored furniture, and household items, and spend more time 'doing', instead of sketching plans!

Whatever effect the New Year has on you, enjoy, hold your head up high, and look forward to the unexpected each new day brings!


  1. Once christmas and new years is over it can be such a downer. You are usually exhausted from all the running around and extra work that comes with it. All the glitter and sparkle is gone and sometimes you think -'ok what now??'
    Hope you havehad some more yummy strawberries.
    Have fun getting back into creating.Dig deep it is bound to be there somewhere.

  2. wow Sue you were feeling very umm 'deep' when you wrote this.....but i totally am with you on all of it :)

    And i see that lovely verandah, clear of 'stuff'...hmm wondering if it still is ??? LOL


  3. Hi Sue, you should be very proud of yourself as we have watched you achieve lots last year with your verandah! I love the table :)


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