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When is silverware not silverware???

Polishing silverware is up there with pulling weeds out of a lawn by hand...isnt that what sprays are for? Yeh, another pet hate of mine!!!
Anyway these days,silverware is more popular tarnished, when it has that aged patina, it just looks gorgeous, especially when you see it in the garden, or a coffee pot used as a vase,transformed into more unusual things!
I have a fair amount of silverware collected over the years, tarnished of course, so rather than it sit on a shelf, in a cupboard or drawer, I put my creative hat on, and give it a new purpose...

This little card holder was a serviette holder, but my tags and cards fit in there so much better, Im thinking of having it engraved,'Junk-it Junction'.

This gorgeous little keeper, I think is suppose to hold sugar cubes, but I found it useful for corkboard pins!

Silver plated trays with all there ornate scrolls and engravings,are always a lovely

way to serve up afternoon tea, but also make a great display on your wall, the finished product coming soon!!

I just love these , they are so cute, with their little feet! Im thinking, cotton balls, and buds....Ive undercoated them, and will show you the finished product soon!

So check out my next blog, and I'll show you the 'Silverware makeover'!


  1. I'm with you on the silver cleaning. So time consuming.
    The serviette holder is perfect for cards and tags. I use my floral china serviette holder to hold the mail.

  2. Me too Sue.....I actually prefer my silver tarnished. Thanks for visiting me today~XO~ Janet

  3. Hey Sue i have that exact same tray !
    I am sooo not into polishing silverware either. Ugh paint it i say !

    Shann xo

  4. Hey Sue i have that exact same tray !
    I am sooo not into polishing silverware either. Ugh paint it i say !

    Shann xo

  5. ok why am i there twice.....?????????
    stooopid me.

  6. Oh Shann, you just want me to see your pic '3' times!!LOL, it happened to me on your blog, but I deleted it!

  7. Yep, Shann does have the same tray Sue. She left it here & I was hoping she'd forget it, but nope, it's gone again. You're right, let it tarnish or paint it. As you can tell, I am back in computer land again (did you know mine died).
    Hugs, Coll :-}


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