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Spark of Creativity...

So here it is , Sunday afternoon, and Im sitting thinking, as I do, what have I achieved this weekend...not much! Yesterday was so wet, rained constantly. I couldnt paint, as I had done the day before, in the rain, and it looked terrible. I intended to clean up my studio, but cant seem to get past the door, so I shut them once again!

Then it came to me, at 4pm....Im going to finish the silver tray!

Well thankfully I did just that, and am quite happy with the result. I am going to finish the cute sugar and creamer in much the same way, and will post them soon! Just deciding whether to give it as a gift, or put it on ebay....I'll let you know if interested!
Dont you just love it when a 'Spark of Creativity' comes out of the blue, and knocks you out of the chair?? Wish it happened more often, I'd get so much more accomplished...but for now ,Im satisfied, until tomorrow, when hopefully I can tackle my studio!!!


  1. The tray has turned out really pretty.

  2. Wow that looks amazing! I would never have thought to paint that tray as I would have no patience with it. Great job!!

  3. Hi! I have tagged you on my blog. Pop on over of you feel like jumping in on the game. Thanks!

  4. Wow Sue, the tray looks amazing. Good on you. BTW, love the banner. Did you do that yourself?
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  5. ahh Grasshopper you are a creative genius :)

    It all comes together in time...

    xo Shann


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