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Delicious work of art...

Im still going through sorting magazines to part with, which means alot of reading, researching, and cups of tea!! I know, someone has to do it , it is the least I can do, afterall, I did buy them, and I feel I should check each and everyone of them, just to be sure they are ok to sell....
In all honesty, I have been so obsessed with them, that in some cases, I have two of the same mag, and they cost about $17 to buy, I call it dedication!

Anyway, I know Im not alone when I say, I have kept a picture or two, of 'to do' projects to craft or make for the home...

I open up the top drawer of my '4' drawer filing cabinet, and flick through my many categorized files, and come across 'miscellaneous'. I have no idea what could be in there....

Just take a look at this gorgeous edible cake, made from many cupcakes!!! It is a wedding cake someone made, and with the adorable butterflies!!

I thought it would be a treat for all of the cupcake followers and makers out there.It could be made for any occasion, christenings, birthdays,Easter or just because! Maybe one day, I might tackle it for a special occasion...I might have to start a new file, 'Delicious works of art'!

Now that's dedication!!!


  1. Hi Sue, you must be pretty organised. Is there actually anything in those files or are you just tricking us.

  2. Sadly Alison, they are all full!! I rarely get a chance to look through them, let alone make anything! I guess they are my very big wish list!

  3. Good Grief Sue, I wish my bits were that organised. I've got bits of paper, recipes, designs etc., everywhere, especially now!!
    That big egg is sooo gorgeous, looks lovely on your banner. And the baby bunnies, so cute. I will have to post some pics of the Easter stuff I bought on the weekend. When can we decorate, I want to put it all out now - lol.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  4. Hi Sue, you are so organised!! I have magazines in every room of the house and wouldn't know where to look for anything I liked haha. Maybe I will put that on my to-do list :)


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