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Leaps and bounds!!

Easter is coming, Easter is coming!!

Firstly, I have to mention my banner. I found this huge egg years ago, and every year I bring it out for the Easter Bunny to fill with delicious eggs...he used to leave a trail through the house, and sometimes in the fridge, and in our bedrooms! And then there were the easter egg hunts, I had to lock Toby up for those!! Oh, and I cant forget the 'bunny masks', made from paper plates, my friend Sue made us wear all through lunch one year....
You can see how they have pieced it together

But the last couple of years have been pretty quiet, apart from a family get-together,most of the kids are in their teens!

It is still nice to catch up,and being a bit earlier this year, the weather might be good to us.
Bib and card sets
It was quite an eye opener for me, after cleaning my studio last week, and then having it ambushed by 14 fourteen year olds,( my son's birthday bash ), and then cleaning it again!! I found some things I used to sell via a cafe and gift shop, until they closed down. These were fun to make, and sold really well, so I thought I'd make some more to sell on ebay, and markets. There is nothing like seeing a baby 'bunny'!
One piece suits
I also have been working on some other things and will show you soon...afterall we have about 6 weeks,but doesnt it go quick??


  1. What a gorgeous egg. So vibrant.
    I remember doing Easter Egg hunts when my children were little. Maybe it is time to start doing for the grandchildren.
    What cute little Bunny suits.
    Have a great week.

  2. Those are just so darling! Love the bunnies. I am so thrilled to have found your blog...have enjoyed reading it!
    xo Lidy


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