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Magnetism....well that's what Im calling it!!

From a previous post I wrote a while ago, I mentioned that sometimes whilst out junking, and minding my own business, for no apparent reason, certain things just keep on jumping out at me! After a good minute, or maybe 10 seconds, I take it as a sign, Im meant to take them home!

With all this talk of silverware, do I really need more? I am having fun decorating it, but can it be an overkill? Well, apparently not, cause now I have all this to deal with!!

Though they are lovely, and hopefully will be more lovely after their transformation....

Here are some of my fav photos,they make the day seem brighter!

It has been raining here nonstop for a few days now. My water tanks are over flowing, my lawn has turned to mush, the plants are drooping, the pond is overflowing, and Toby smells like wet dog, and refuses to do his business anywhere but the sheltered, and dont forget cleared, verandah! Oh, did I mention cleared?? Well with all the rain, Ive had to work somewhere! Lets hope it doesnt end up like before, again!!

Im busy scamming up some projects at the moment, so while Im feeling enthusiastic...back to it!


  1. Sue it is definitely magnetism!!
    I am sure that's what keeps my butt stuck in this computer chair blogging!LOL
    Hope the weather improves for you.
    Wish we had plenty of water and green grass.

  2. Hi Sue, I love the silverware. never can have too much I think! I just don't ever have the time to go 'junking' thesedays! So I will get my fix through you LOL

  3. Sue, the weatherman said we'll get some sun tomorrow for a little while, then back comes the rain. Poor Toby, our Emma doesn't like it either, won't come out of the garage. Maddie has her nose out of joint because I won't let her out of the house, she likes rain. Dogs! Worse than kids.
    Coll :-}


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