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Side- tracked!

I have been spending this weekend cleaning out my studio.... it has been leaking, and more recently with the massive storms we have been having, water is seeping in through the floor!

Yes I know, it is helping with the 'drought', and all 'that', but the rain actually leaves me no choice but to do some much needed organising, sorting, and chucking, which is a good thing! Did I say chucking, yes, I do need to discard some things. Do you find when cleaning, you get side-tracked, and find yourself flicking through books, looking at photos, and your mind fills with a million ideas?? Or is that just me?? It has taken me hours to just move some things around!

I started going through my fabrics, and then straighted and rolled laces and ribbons. Then I moved furniture on the verandah, and hung curtains.....As far as the leaks go, the sun will come out soon, and I will forget to fix them,again! 'The balancing act'!

Well Im home alone today, so no excuses! An organised workplace means an organised mind, so they say!!


  1. Well Sue, I'm glad my place isn't the only one in the mountains that has sprung a leak - hee hee. Oh, we have to laugh. But really, I AM OVER THE RAIN!!! Do not mention water restrictions to me ever again!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope your "stuff" is all ok.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  2. Hi Sue you and Coll make a great pair with the leaks due to the crazy weather.

  3. I do the same thing when I deep clean. Find things I forgot about, thumb through magazines and books, remember ideas I had and forgot and think up all kinds of new ideas to be forgotten 24 hours or less later.

  4. I get sidetracked so's taking a month just to get my studio moved from one room to another right in our house. I really must get it done! You are on a roll with all your cleaning.


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