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What's in a house name?

I have been living in my little burb in the Blue Mountains for 10 years now, and have wanted to name my house, but cant decide......something to represent 'us'!

We have moved many times, but I think we have settled here. So the name 'Settle Downe' came to mind.I have a large settle bench on my verandah, so I thought it was appropriate. Ten years later, and still no name. Occasionally I jot things down like, Walkonby.We live on a lane, and people often wander past.

It's time to just decide, but I need help, and any suggestions would be great! I thought I better give you a few snippets of interest to help you...

* I live on a corner of a lane.

*We are surrounded by Mulberry and Jacaranda trees.

*I have a rather large front garden, weeds roam freely!

*My house number cant be seen from the road.

Please help support the "Home with no name" Appeal!

With all your suggestions, I will choose one of the names, and post a photo of it up in lights!!



  1. 'Wander Way' came to mind when reading your post. I named my house too. It is Calendula Court as calendula is the flower of birth month. Calendula is also a useful herb and I love to grow herbs. Good luck on your name search.

  2. I don't have any name suggestions because I'm in the same boat! I want to name mine, and haven't come up with a fitting one yet. I know it'll come to of these days. Good luck with yours!

  3. Sue, I love the pics. Will have to seriously ponder on the name.
    Coll :-}

  4. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who pondered about the perfect name for their home!
    I am so glad to meet you!

    Reading your post the first thing that came to mind was Mulberry cottage or mulberry lane!
    I love mulberries! :-)

    I am curious to see what others come up with! Maybe I will find one that fits our cottage from their suggestions!

    Hugz, Dolly

  5. hmmmm...lets see... i am no good at this kinda thing....Our house is called Fairy Floss Cottage (i must actually do a sign for it one day..)
    Ok i think base it on colours and themes....hmmm.
    (I chose fairy floss because of all my pink).
    Im trying to remember the inside of your home...
    Oh how about TobyBerry cottage ???

    hee hee.
    Ive been no help whatsoever have i ?
    sorry :(



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