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I'll get to what the title of this post is about , I just have to show this book someone obviously wrote for me....
"The Garage Sale Decorators' Bible".

I bought it at a garage sale last week, of course, and as you can see it has been well used over the years! I think I could write a few books with the experience and knowledge I have!

Every sale I go to, whether it is a garage sale, auction,or flea market, I keep a record of everything I buy, price, and notes about my day. I have quite a few books someone might find for interesting reading one day! I used to be able to remember the place I bought it from, even the people, but as you know now, my hubby calls me Dory for a reason!

Anyway this book originally came out of a library, who would have thought! There is not much I can learn from this, as I do and think just like it reads, but Im amazed there is a book to tell you how to furnish and fill a home, room to room, even down to a stapler and pen for the office...I cant say I have gone that far, though I have bought a calculator and ink for the printer.

It will now proudly sit on my desk, where it belongs!

I have been busy still packing up my old studio, to make room for my eldest daughter to move in, and it is a task and a half!! Though it would help if the friendly critters in my new studio would hurry up and move on! Oh no, the snake isnt back, but a possum has moved in, and it seems for good! They love to party in my mulberry tree, and every morning there are leaves everywhere. She/ he is too cute, but give it a chance, and it will scratch your eyes out! So....I just wait, and wait, and when it finally leaves,I'll start blocking up around the eaves.I guess since we depossumed the house, it had to move somewhere!!

I have two weeks to finish emptying the studio, as I promised my daughter she could move in for her birthday...Why do I do this to myself??


  1. Sue, the possum has to go. They may look cute, but like you said, they are nasty litle buggers. Only 2 weeks? You can do it girl.
    Hugs, Coll :-}

  2. Sue, I bet your books of knowledge of flea markets, etc. are amazing. I think you need to think about writing one of your very own "Guide to Flea Marketing". You would make a bundle on that one!


  3. Hope that possum moves it's butt out of your 'new studio'
    Mmmm 2 weeks to get ready for your daughter to move back - have fun - busy,busy,busy


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