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Ok, I must have been kidding myself, when I thought I could fit everything in to my daughter's old bedroom for my office...including a space for hubby!! Well, it's a challenge, but Im up for it! It just might take a bit longer than first thought!
Mmmmm, if I could just get to my sewing you like my sewing table? You probably cant see in the photos, but I have 8 suitcases under the bench on the right, full of fabrics! Im looking forward to creating in that department soon!I did say this room is mainly mine didnt I? This is hubby's corner, he just needs a dumping ground for paperwork! I ,on the other hand, need creative space, so Im more important!

As far as my studio goes, Im having the power connected next week, and then the fun begins, painting, cleaning....and then pricing, and decorating, and filling and....opening! Hopefully!Oh, and removing those possums! Im stressed, but very excited!

Here are a couple of my best buys for the week! Of course, they will have to stay here for a while, I need to make sure they will be suitable to sell! A few months should do it!


  1. But, but, I see floor in that bedroom! I've been doing the same thing to my daughter's bedroom. Let's see. She moved out 4 years ago? Something like that. I think once it was clean, but has become the room to just throw things in. Floor is not visible.

    Love, love, love that mantle! The green lamp ain't too bad, either.

  2. Followed your link from Bittersweet, isn't Jill the sweetest and most inspirational person.

    Congrats on your own shop, it all sounds so exciting.

    That mirrored mantle peice is gorgeous ! Where ever did you fint that little treasure!

  3. oooh will see it today,knew we were kindred spirits i was going oh oh oh look at this look at that.


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