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Whirly wind and the 'middle child's' birthday...

These two subjects seem to go together!

On Friday, we had the worst winds, it felt like a tornado! My home isnt prepared for them, I have bits and pieces everywhere. There is a tree, a huge gum tree which is on the other side of the lane.In the 11 years we have been here, many dead limbs have fallen, and when a breeze comes, we are waiting for the tree to fall on the house.Well Friday nite it split in two, but luckily it fell to the side.I was reversing out, and it literally missed me by seconds! I ran into it, and thought ,'where did that bush come from'?Thankfully it didnt block the lane too much, and yesterday the owner brought his chainsaw and went crazy, he cut all the trees down, except the big gum, and now hopefully he will erect a fence! Along with no power for hours, we were pretty lucky there wasnt any other damage.

Anyway, also on Friday, it was our 'middle' child's birthday, she turned 17 on Wattle day, horses birthday, Jeans for genes day, 1st of August!! Time flies as they say, and in her case ,Im thankful!

Larissa is our 'whirlwind'! (and she reminds us everyday)

The past 4 years have felt like a decade! She is the extrovert of the family, and whilst a challenge at times, life would be boring without her to keep us on our toes! We could never have imagined how she would be at 17! She is full of surprises,and bright and bubbly to say the least, and well on the way to a wonderful future, whatever it may bring.

Happy birthday Larissa!

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