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My wonderful friend Jill over at Bittersweet soap company , made a list of 20 things that make her happy! I thought it would be fun to 'pass it on', and make my own list, I mean how hard could it be, I love so many things, it will be a blast!

Not so easy, after about 13, I started to prioritize, because there are so many, and putting them in random order was even more difficult, I just wanted to organise!

Please feel welcome to join in!

1. The sun shining through the house in the morning.Remember it's winter here!

2.My first cup of coffee!Bad,bad milk coffee too(skim milk)

3.A full clothesline on a sunny day.We have such large trees around us, it takes a couple of days for it to dry!

4.Eating chocolate

5.Walking with Toby.

6.My teenagers getting home, and telling me the events of their day, all at once, mostly the girls.It sometimes goes on for a few hours, while I cook dinner, fold washing, eat dinner, and clean up! Love it!

7.I have a few very close friends, and a family who are always here for us, and that makes me extremely happy!

8.Buying a gift for someone, just because!

9. A good movie on a cold winters day, in front of the fire.

10.Finally seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel with my business, it is happening!

11.Family dinners, just the 5 of us.It doesnt happen very often anymore, hubby's away, the girls are out, it is quite often, Ryan and I! Our time makes me happy too!

12. Listening to my kid's dreams they have had, in the morning!

13.When hubby sleeps in, and doesnt wake me at 3am!

14. Selling things I create, inspiring others to do the same.

15.A clean house! Even if it is just for 2 hours!

16.After a busy day, a bath, clean sheets, and lying down on my new mattress...ahhhh!

17.Creating, painting, sewing, junking, in my own little world!

18.Shopping does make me happy (clothes and things, not junk), but if I had an organised list, it would be at the bottom few. Junking would be at the top!!

19.Going on holidays, all of us! It is harder now both the girls are working, Im dreading that first holiday without them, though Ryan will be happy!We havent been on a holiday for 4 years, but are planning one next year to Vietnam. Im hoping they will all be with us!

20. As I get older and wiser(dont right me off yet, Im only 41!), I am more appreciative of others, and becoming a nicer person, well I think I am anyway!

That was fun, and Ive just thought of so much more, but it's a start, a good start!

Go and check out Jill's list, and her little company. Jill is my mentor, and is one busy lady!She has some lovely items, not to mention her wonderful soaps.

Have a good day!

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  1. Sue,

    I love your list!
    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I love your new banner, great shot.

    Mentor, golly gee, thanks you're the best!

    Jill xoo


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