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Quick update...

I worked my toosh off today, it was so warm, but I was on a mission....

It was great to finally unpack some boxes of items for my studio, kind of like Christmas! Well, this is half of it nearly done, I havent priced anything, and I think I'll probably move things around a few more times, but it is starting to resemble a minature shop of sorts!

This week will be consumed with pricing, and last minute panic attacks, so I may not get back to blogland for a while.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck its looking great
    will do some tussies this week,you have been wooshing i am proud of you !

  2. Sue,

    Everything looks fabulous darling!

    I wish you not only a spectacular opening day, but too, a day of treasured memories.

    I want to come!

    Jill xoo

  3. Hi
    Found your blog thru Jules.
    It all looks great!

  4. wish I could be there! lots of luck for a great sale,it all looks wonderful.Chris

  5. Everything is looking so nice! How exciting. Best of luck to you!


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