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Running out of steam...

I think things have come to a 'T' , and Im running out of steam! My body has finally made its decision to slow down,take a breather, and regroup.Ive been under a bit of stress lately, some Ive put on myself, and now Ive lost my voice!Thankfully I dont need it to post!

My dad has taken priority over my studio lately, he's been ill, and since Father's Day, has ended up in hospital. He is being tested thoroughly, and after much rest, will be reasonably ok, and will come out the end of next week. My mum cant drive, so Im heading down the coast (couple of hours) for a few days, on hospital duty! Two hours tends to be my limit for driving,otherwise I start to accelerate more,and that's not good! So some time away might recharge the batteries and give some perspective too.

So Spring sprung, and left the building, and we are left with hot summer weather....what's going on? I went out junking with my friends Jen and Wayne, and ended up with sunburn and heatstroke (well almost)! We were out for four and a half hours, and the sudden hot day knocked the begeebas out of us, apart from gradually loosing my voice!

I found quite a few 'specials', actually I filled their car, even on the roof-racks!Well they know what Im like, and we do have fun! Will show pics soon, its 5am, and I dont feel like adding them now........5am you ask? I cant sleep much these days, too much going on, head's spinning!

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  1. Thank you for checking in on my (new)updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

    Enjoy the change of seasons dear friend!

    Love your man!!!


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