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My life, and my home are much the same, 'cluttered and fabulous'!
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The heat is on!!!

The weather is extremely warm at the moment, like mid-summer...definitely not good for painting! I had some projects half finished, I did plan to add them to my studio for the sale, but ran out of time.
Ive added this cute frame to my studio, and added the memory board to ebay.

I just finished this gorgeous chair and added it to ebay.

These will get a makeover soon!

I managed to finish this cute hall table and add it to the studio, and it sold.

My next sale is on the 29th November,which falls on the same day as our street's annual sale, so I hope all the locals can make it! Lots of neighbours get involved, and there are great bargains to be had, so mark it in your diary! It will be good timing for Christmas presents........did I just say Christmas? The department stores have already started with the decorations and music, Im so glad I dont work in them anymore!

Well, also this week, I have finally added some studio items to my website. Im sure there will be hiccups, I really dont know what Im doing, there was alot of guess work!

For this long weekend, Im heading down to Sue's, then Sunday, we are off to the Berry markets. On the way home, we will call in to see my parents, and then ,the long drive home! It should be a good weekend of junking and hanging with good friends and family! Hopefully, I will catch up with my hubby and kids on Monday!

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll post about my 'specials' next week.


  1. yohoo just visiting going to look at the website.
    Hugs Jules

  2. Love your chair - can't wait to see how you transform the other items! Clare x


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